There are so many new devices coming onto the market that it's just not possible for us to provide support for all of them.

And unfortunately there is very little information for the Windows tablets on the internet, as they are not as popular as the Android or Apple devices. But this is what we suggest:

The files you've downloaded are .mp3 files, and as you can see on this link they are fully compatible with Windows tablets:

So it becomes a question of how to play them. Please read this first:

And then this:

Often what you need is a program or app to now play the audio files.

These are the apps that let you play .mp3 files on Windows tablets which you will need to get through the Windows Shop and install on your tablet:

You will need to then get hold of the creators of these apps for any further support, or get in touch with Windows support (

We're hoping this information was useful!

If you have any updates for us that will help out other users on Windows Tablets, please send through a quick email to - much appreciated!!