If you decide to stay on after the $1 Trial, not only do you get complete access to the site for a whole month for a fraction of what an in-home consultation will cost, but we're also including 3x FREE bonuses that will make this an easy decision for you.

Let us explain...

The first Bonus is FREE access to Doggy Dan's online FORUM.

You see the chances are that you’ve already started to see some changes in your dog, but the tricky thing is that no two dogs are exactly the same...

One dog is going to roll over, start listening and obey you straight away while the other dog will not! The truth is that some need a little more time and perhaps another approach.

The secret to successful dog training is knowing exactly how to respond... and that’s where the Forum comes in.

Inside the Forum we really start to work together, until all of your dog or puppy’s behavioral issues are sorted. And you can ask as many questions as you wish.

Either Doggy Dan, or one of his highly qualified team will create a tailor-made solution for you and your dog... and the benefit to you is huge.

When it comes to understanding dogs, you can’t put a value on first-hand quality experience. It means that we can get straight to the heart of the issue and sort it out, together, quickly.

We have a saying… “Inside every dog is a good dog. And inside every good dog is a great dog”.

And our goal is for you to achieve this.

So that’s FREE Bonus no.1 - The Forum. Included if you choose to stay on and become a monthly member.

AND…weI have another great bonus for you...

- FREE BONUS no. 2: Weekly Consultation Highlights.

Imagine if we took the most fascinating and interesting dog consultations Doggy Dan has performed during the week and turned them into amazing videos that you could watch and benefit from?

Well that is exactly what we've done...

These videos show you exactly the things that can turn a difficult dog into a good dog and turn a good dog owner into an amazing one!

You’ll see Dan working in all sorts of situations with every type of dog imaginable and every sort of dog problem and showing you exactly how to turn it all around. This will reinforce everything you’ve gained from the site.

And as you'll see on the videos, when you know how to do it, it’s really not hard.

That’s the beauty of this method. Once you get the hang of it, everything starts to make sense and it's very easy to apply. Anyone can do it.


- FREE BONUS no.3: The Download Library

We’ll give you exclusive access to a whole collection of Audios and Videos about command training and puppy training that you're able to download and keep forever.

These are not available in the Members Area during the free trial but can be accessed and downloaded by our full monthly members, as our special free gift.

As you probably agree, this is an incredible offer:

- For $37/mo you get access to our full membership area with over 300 videos plus audios and other materials

- PLUS you’ll get unlimited access to Dan and his team personally via the online Forum

- PLUS you’ll be able to benefit from Dan's Weekly Consultation highlights

- PLUS you’ll receive exclusive access to our Download Library

It’s absolutely staggering the dog training results that can be achieved in that sort of time period, especially when you take advantage of the Forum.

Remember: We're committed to working with you until you're completely happy with your puppy or dog's behavior.

Just a final thought on this: dogs don't self-correct.

In our experience dog and puppy problems only tend to get worse, so we strongly recommend you get onto it now.

The longer you leave it the more tricky and more expensive it becomes to solve your challenges with your dog.

So we do hope you decide to give us a go, and very soon you’ll be back on track with your dog and starting to turn things around. It's not complicated when you know how and Dan will show you the exact steps.