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It's worth another try to visit the download page again (and please use the Chrome browser): http://theonlinedogtrainer.com/audio-book-thank-you-499-download-easy-way-optin


If that still doesn't work, here is the link to download the Audio Book files in .zip format:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10079503/What%20The%20Dogs%20Taught%20Me%20About%20Being%20A%20Parent%20Audio%20Book.zip?dl=1


This is if you want to add it to your mobile device by uploading to your desktop computer and then adding it as a playlist to either iTunes or Windows Media Player. 

The full download size is 300MB (it may take a few minutes). If you need further instructions on how to get the files loaded onto your device please let me know what device you have (or just Google/YouTube search it - there are loads of video tutorials to help you).