From Doggy Dan on this matter:

"I thought I’d send you a quick loving and well meaning reply so please take this the right way. I have only love in my heart, for you and the dogs :)

As a professional dog trainer I have tried clicker training…I have more clicker training books than you can imagine! I have worked with the top “clicker trainer in this country” and I have found again and again that so many people actually struggle with clicker training.

Not You or the other thousands who love clickers but the majority of people… Food in one hand, clicker in the other, bag of treats in the other, no spare hand to hold the leash! They struggle. Many people I work with have tried and failed, they don’t like the clicker…

But here’s the big thing why I don’t point people towards the clicker (and I’m kindly asking that you stop pointing people that way)…

Once you start telling them that this little clicker and food is the answer…guess what happens… THAT is exactly where there focus goes…and that in my opinion is the big problem that we have in the world of dog training…because clickers and cheese will never cut it. They will never win that dogs mind…we have to be a lot smarter and use dog psychology not just human pavlov theory of training (which is great but not enough)

Hope that makes sense… Like I said in my other post, you don’t need a clicker to train a dog to walk by your side! Come on!! I’ve trained thousands without, sure, maybe 10% I used food but there was not need for a clicker!

Sending you all the love in the world..."

What we strongly suggest is you take a look at and start following that training ASAP.

So much of the issue with ALL dogs is actually a Pack Leadership issue... and when you get that sorted everything else will fall into place (it really doesn't matter what the dog's background is).

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There are sections that cover off all the specific behavioural issues (there are over 300 videos inside the site) however the key section is actually the Pack Leader section.


This part is just so powerful as it goes to the heart of so many of the issues you may be facing.


And don't forget there's also the Forum where Doggy Dan himself and his team will answer all your questions.


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