In Doggy Dan's own words: 

"The best way to explain the style of dog training that I use is by first describing the two most common methods of training, and then pointing out how they differ.

The first method is the oldest style of training. Where you force the dog to do what you want. It's a win at all costs sort of approach, often referred to as “Yank and Crank”. You ask the dog first and if they do not obey you apply force. Sometimes a yank but it can be many other things such as a water pistol squirt or a growl…the list is endless. Needless to say it is not a nice approach and most dogs and owners have moved away from it.

The second method is basically using treats. This is very common nowadays and unfortunately is little more than bribery! Often a “clicker” is also used, however the method is still just using food to bribe the dog. Long term it invariably fails.

So how is my method different? Well the key to my method is getting your dog to Choose to obey you. It's based on understanding the dog's mind and using actions which your dog understands to win their mind, and then training the body is simple. So there is no force, fear or aggression required. It works quickly compared to many other methods. You also don’t need to spend hours “training” your dog as they essentially choose to follow you.

Make sense? The core of the method is my 5 Golden Rules which is where you convince your dog to follow you and listen.

Its gentle, calm and powerful. That's why I call this approach the Easy way to an obedient dog."

What we strongly suggest is you take a look at and start following that training ASAP.

So much of the issue with ALL dogs is actually a Pack Leadership issue... and when you get that sorted everything else will fall into place (it really doesn't matter what the dog's background is).

So many dog training methods miss this step and that’s why people struggle, whereas inside Doggy Dan’s site you’ll see how easy it is to train your dog when you are shown how.


There are sections that cover off all the specific behavioural issues (there are over 300 videos inside the site) however the key section is actually the Pack Leader section.


This part is just so powerful as it goes to the heart of so many of the issues you may be facing.


And don't forget there's also the Forum where Doggy Dan himself and his team will answer all your questions.


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Hopefully we see you inside the site soon.