Yes, the beauty of this program is that it works with all dogs regardless of whether they are Chihuahuas or Great Danes, inside dogs or outside dogs. The reason being is this... dogs are all essentially the same. Just like humans are essentially all the same, in regards to what motivates us and drives us. Whether we are big or small, and whether we live on our own or in a family does not really change things to any great degree.

So it is with your dog. If you have an outside dog this method will certainly work. Many people that Dan works with have outside dogs and you've seen the results in some of the videos already. You simply need to apply the rules to your dog when you are outside! Doggy Dan say he may even make a video about this... so keep watching!

And if you have any questions about how to apply or adapt anything that Doggy Dan talks about then feel free to ask him in the Forum :)

What we strongly suggest is you take a look at and start following that training ASAP.

So much of the issue with ALL dogs is actually a Pack Leadership issue... and when you get that sorted everything else will fall into place (it really doesn't matter what the dog's background is).

So many dog training methods miss this step and that’s why people struggle, whereas inside Doggy Dan’s site you’ll see how easy it is to train your dog when you are shown how.


There are sections that cover off all the specific behavioural issues (there are over 300 videos inside the site) however the key section is actually the Pack Leader section.


This part is just so powerful as it goes to the heart of so many of the issues you may be facing.


And don't forget there's also the Forum where Doggy Dan himself and his team will answer all your questions.


We hope that helps you make a decision…what we'd suggest is to check out the $1 trial for 3 days and see if you like it.


Pretty sure you will… and then you can choose to stay on for $37/month or cancel whenever you wish… (sooo much cheaper than getting a trainer in, or paying for behavioral classes).


Why not give it a go… with a 60 day money back guarantee, and nearly 40,000 satisfied customers, there's no risk at all.


Hopefully we see you inside the site soon.