To tell you exactly how much it is in Euro is a tricky one, because each country is a little different. The monthly fee (which you can cancel AT ANY TIME) is $37 USD.


And this is then converted by ClickBank (our payment processor) into the currency in your country. So it always depends on what the current exchange rate is at the time of your purchase.


Also, please note: we are required by law (known as E-Commerce Directive 2002/38/EC or the "Directive") to collect VAT taxes if the you reside in one of the European Community (EC) countries.

So we must comply with this, and ClickBank handles it all. They determine if VAT applies, and at what rate. They then collect the tax, file a return with each of the 15 countries in the EC, pay the tax, and handle any foreign currency exchange issues.


The tax rate may change from time to time and varies from approximately 15% to 25%, depending on the country. As of July 1, 2003, the VAT rates are:

AT Austria 20.0%

BE Belgium 21.0%

DK Denmark 25.0%

FI Finland 22.0%

FR France 19.6%

DE Germany 16.0%

GR Greece 18.0%

IE Ireland 21.0%

IT Italy 20.0%

LU Luxembourg 15.0%

NL Netherlands 19.0%

PT Portugal 19.0%

ES Spain 16.0%

SE Sweden 25.0%

GB Great Britain 17.5%

So depending on your country's exchange rate and VAT rate, we can't actually tell you the exact cost in Euro. But it's really easy for you to find out...all you need to do is go to our order page and see what the conversion is. ClickBank does this automatically by determining what country your computer is in and calculating it for you on the order page.

To view the order page now and see what the price is in your country, simply click here: The Online Dog Trainer

Hoping this answer has helped you!