This can happen for several reasons. What happens is that after 3 days ClickBank (the payment platform we use) will try and bill you so you can move onto the monthly membership. But your bank may be offline at the time, or PayPal may be down, or there may not be sufficient funds in your credit card or PayPal account etc.

So the link between your membership subscription (The Online Dog Trainer) and ClickBank gets broken, and you're not granted any further access.

ClickBank will keep trying to bill you (Please see the related information below from ClickBank's website:

You can do two things: 

  1. One is to wait for the rebilling to happen again and hopefully it goes through, or 
  2. Send us an email explaining the issue to and we'll try find a solution

(FROM CLICKBANK: Payment Failure Timing)
Unlike many of our competitors, we don't give up after one payment failure. ClickBank understands that scheduled payments may fail for several reasons, including insufficient funds, so we have optimized our recurring billing process to reduce authorization declines and increase your revenue.

Authorization Failures In the event that the customer's credit card cannot support the payment request, we will attempt authorization again three days after the first failure date. After a second failure, we will reattempt four days after the second failure date. After a third failure, we will try once more seven days after the third failure date. A fourth failure will lead to an automatic cancelation of the subscription purchase. We send notifications to the customer and vendor on the final two attempts. The following is an example of payment failure timing due to an authorization failure:

  • June 1 = 1st attempt, failed due to insufficient funds
  • June 4 = 2nd attempt, failed due to insufficient funds
  • June 8 = 3rd attempt, failed due to insufficient funds (notification sent to the customer and vendor)
  • June 15 = 4th attempt, if failed the rebill is automatically cancelled (notification sent to the customer and vendor)

Card Validation Failure In the event that customer's credit card becomes invalid, we will deliver the customer up to four notifications requesting new credit card data. The notifications are delivered once a week. If there is no response after the fourth notice, the subscription purchase is automatically canceled. In order to keep the vendor informed, we also send them each notification. If updated credit card data is received from the customer, the rebills from that point forward are executed from the date of the successful authorization. The following is an example of payment failure timing due to a card validation failure: The Customer signs up on May 1, and is billed as follows:

  • May 1 = $30.00
  • June 1 = $30.00
  • July 1 = Failed attempt to receive payment due to invalid card information, email notification sent to customer
  • July 4 = Customer provides updated billing information, and the second 2nd attempt is executed, which is successful for $30.00