The monthly payment system gets too complicated as a gifting option, but we can do a one-off payment.

At the moment we only offer the 6 month subscription. For 6 months of full access (no trial), including the Forum and other bonuses, we charge $147 USD (a monthly saving of $12.50).

What you would do is make the payment directly to us and supply your gift nominee's email address. We would then create the subscription using their email address.

Our preferred method is for you to make a payment to our PayPal account via email address. Within your PayPal account, please send your payment of $147 USD (or the equivalent of) to

Then just email us when you've done that so we can match up your email address with the payment. And don't forget to tell us the NAME and EMAIL of the person you want the subscription sent to.


If that doesn't work for you, try a bank transfer. Please transfer the equivalent of $147 USD to the following:

  • Account Number: 12-3085-0543007-00
  • Bank Name: ASB Bank Limited
  • 12 Jellicoe Street
  • Auckland Central
  • Auckland 1010
  • New Zealand
  • IBAN Number: 12 3085 0543007 00


I hope either of these 2 options are available to you.


*NB* - Please use your email address or name as a reference for the payment. And then once you've made the payment, please let us know via email so we can match up the payment to your name so we can create an account. AND send us the giftee's details!!