Once you join as a Complete Pack Member of The Online Dog Trainer, you get access to the Forum where you can chat with Dan or one of his team. 

If you have specific issues and he feels you need to show him the problem, you can upload videos for him to watch (please note, if they're too big, you will have to add them to your own YouTube account, or similar, and share the link with him).

In your post click on the 'Attach Files' link , as illustrated below:

Then use the buttons at the top of the window to 'Attach Files', 'Start Upload', 'Insert Into Post'. 

Please note we have to cap the file size, so if your video or image won't upload it's too big, so we suggest you upload to YouTube or similar and post your YouTube video link in the post.

Hoping this helps!

Here's a handy link to all our Forum FAQs